Book 2 of our Decomposition Series

Paperback, 8" x 7.5", 60 pages, color photos 
Published on November 30, 2010
ISBN 978-0-9772742-6-0


by Michael Cook
Photos by Andrew Emond

A photo documentation and critical analysis of the Childs Street grain elevators in Buffalo's First Ward, Elevator Alley tackles the history, present and future of the giant structures that played a central role in Buffalo's industrial development and subsequent decline.

Michael Cook is a graduate student with a keen interest in understanding the shape, politics and future of our built landscapes. He has previously contributed words and photographs to HTO: Toronto's Water from Lake Iroquois to Lost Rivers to Low-flow Toilets, Water (Alphabet City #14), and The BLDGBLOG Book. Best known for his work on underground infrastructure, he maintains a website at

Canadian photographer Andrew Emond examines areas of the built environment that are often overlooked, from power stations to subdivisions. Emond's photos have appeared in numerous publications around the world. He is also the creator of the popular website, which reveals the hidden beauty and history of his city's sewer system.